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About Moss & Barnett

Moss & Barnett, A Professional Association, is a full service, dynamic law firm dedicated to serving its clients with quality legal services based on a tradition of Excellence + Teamwork. Our practice is founded on the premise that each client deserves personalized attention to detail, the benefit of the depth and breadth of expertise that only a full-service law firm can provide, and full accountability. The firm is located in downtown Minneapolis and features 85+ attorneys and paralegals representing clients as advisors and advocates.

For over 100 years, the clients of this firm have come to expect the highest standards of professionalism along with skilled, innovative legal services. As a result, Moss & Barnett has grown with its clients, building a rich resource of multi-specialty legal practitioners. Moss & Barnett has aggressively attracted to its practice attorneys with a broad spectrum of recognized expertise, providing the firm's clients with access to highly effective legal advice and representation. Over many decades, with predecessor firms enriching its reputation, experience, and growth, Moss & Barnett has established a strong commitment to each of its clients - large and small.

Moss & Barnett's unique capability to provide well-managed legal services is based upon innovative and efficient management. The result is the delivery of sophisticated legal services focused on each client's unique needs.

Moss & Barnett trial attorneys have extensive and active experience in federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and in administrative proceedings. Their litigation skills extend to virtually every area important to business, including

  • Shareholder rights
  • Breach of contract
  • Business torts
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employment
  • Professional liability
  • Family law
  • Real estate
  • Securities
  • Intellectual property

Our business and commercial attorneys routinely cover the gamut of many Practice Areas, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate
  • Corporate formation and reorganization
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Securities
  • Finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Estate planning

Moss & Barnett also represents the leading public electric and gas utilities in the Upper Midwest, local and regional telecommunications cooperatives and service providers. We also represent local and regional governments throughout the United States in matters concerning the regulation of cable television.

This program does not create an attorney-client relationship between Moss & Barnett, A Professional Association, or any attorney appearing on this program and any caller or listener. Please remember that we can only give general information and every case is unique. Always check with your individual attorney for any specific legal concerns.


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