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Minnesota Law, Presented by Moss & Barnett

After more than four years and over 200 episodes, we have decided to send Minnesota Law into re-runs (on our website). Since May 2008, it has been the distinct privilege of Moss & Barnett to partner with WCCO Radio to present news and information to our listeners about a wide variety of legal issues and current developments in the law, as well as introduce you to the Minnesota legal community.

Click here to read "Reflections on Minnesota Law, Presented by Moss & Barnett" Written by Thomas J. Shroyer, published in the Winter 2013 Firm Newsletter.

On behalf of the 180 employees of Moss & Barnett, here’s a salute to WCCO Radio for inviting us to join their family of broadcasters and a very special thanks to you, our listeners, for tuning in and allowing us be a part of your Saturday mornings. Podcasts of all of our shows can be found below. Thanks for listening!

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This program does not create an attorney-client relationship between Moss & Barnett, A Professional Association, or any attorney appearing on this program and any caller or listener. Please remember that we can only give general information and every case is unique. Always check with your individual attorney for any specific legal concerns.


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